Drew Jacoby - electric guitar, keys, vocals
Curt Kiser - electric guitar, vibraphone, vocals
Robby Ritter - drums, percussion, sampler, electric guitar
Ben Rush - vocals, bass

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Sean Pritchard

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Into an era of neon colors, Vans, and duck tails, four baby boys were born. This era was the nineties and these boys spent their childhood soaking in the splashes of influence this era yielded. Soon the splashes turned to waves and the four babies, now grown up, began to swim in the waves.

The boys spoken of are Ben Rush, Drew Jacoby, and Curt Kiser. They met in 2003 and proved fast friends, creating music and an inseparable trio. They made a band and an EP and in 2009 brought in a new friend, Robby Ritter, by way of St. Louis. Together they called themselves Enlou.

The name Enlou, a revamped spelling of the term “in lieu”, meaning “instead of /in place of,” was born out of a desire to let the music speak for itself. Growing up in a world where the name of a band made a dramatic statement about the music they produced, oft times being cliché or overstated, Enlou wanted the music they made to give definition to their name, and not vice versa.

So what kind of music does Enlou make? I’ll tell you, it’s nothing short of bewitching: an amalgamation of equal parts sparkling guitars, hand claps, and haunting vocals. Unique song structures call to mind Animal Collective and a grasp of rhythm gives nod to electronica bands like The Notwist. Enlou’s music bleeds creativity—a creativity that is arguably unrivaled, especially among their peers. And these boys are young—markedly so. They are, perhaps, too young to be making music this intelligent, sophisticated, innovative. And this only adds to Enlou’s immediate allure and overall mystique that any listener will love being caught up in.

August 18, 2009, Enlou will release their Lujo-debut EP, Threshing Floor. Pulling from the aforementioned influences, along with bands like Whitest Boy Alive and Of Montreal, the EP is brilliantly executed, artfully crafted, and fully alive. Stand out tracks like “Liquid Light,” give immediate voice to the unquestionable ability and ingenuity of this band. The melodic “Easing Out,” pulls the listener in and out of deeply layered melodies, with surprising twists and turns that, even more surprisingly, make complete sense. The EP is full of stuff like this. It’s certain to put these Cincinnati boys square on the scene.

Enlou is Drew Jacoby (electric guitar, keys, vocals) Curt Kiser (electric guitar, vibraphone, vocals) Robby Ritter (drums, percussion, sampler, electric guitar), and Ben Rush (vocals, bass). Threshing Floor was recorded in 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio at Ultra Suede Studios by Chad Wahlbrink and John Curly.

Body of Friends, Body of Water (lujo088)
MP3 Amphibian

Threshing Floor
Out AUG 18
MP3 Easing Out