About Lujo


It all started when…

My Spacecoaster whined about their record label from the stage on a sticky summer night in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2001. Half kidding, half drunk, they jeered at the crowd: 

 "Anyone want to put out our record?" 

Eighteen year-old college kid, Erik Aucoin, yelled back, "I will!"

The rest was history.

It was soliciting artists he admired, partnering with them, overcoming near-ruin in 2002 due to a brief dealing with a well-intentioned non-profit that capsized, agreeing in 2004 to a partnership with his then, publicist, me, and going on to release close to 100 albums over the next 10 years before taking a three year break from 2014-2017.

And here we are. Alive and kicking.

It hasn't been an easy road. Who could have anticipated the internet and file sharing and how that would affect the industry and artists and the way humans experience music?

And yet one thing remains: there is music. 

There will always be music. No matter what, bands will form. Artists will write songs. And they will put themselves out there to be heard. To answer a creative impulse. To share with the world the beauty that is inside them, the beauty the world so desperately needs. 

Lujo is here to support that.

We're 100% independently owned and operated. Inspired by the DIY aesthetic championed by labels like Dischord and Touch and Go, we partner with artists based on a 50/50 profit sharing model. We are committed to Quantity, Quality and Luxury™

Why luxury?

Lujo is Spanish for "luxury". And, well, is there anything more luxurious than music? Anything that brings more comfort? Anything more extravagant for the soul? 

We're not sure where we're headed or what the future holds, but we know we want to learn, to push things forward, to help artists in any way we can, to get music in front of people, and to build community. 

The world needs this. Now, more than ever. 

Don't you think? 

Join us. 

-Jocelyn Aucoin, Owner, Lujo Records